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Monday, October 03, 2005

People are so cruel...

Dear Mr. and/or Ms. Uninformed,

I'm not sure who you are or why you thought it was such a grand idea to print out my husband's information from the registry and proceed to put it in everyone's mailbox, including ours, but I want you to know that you committed a federal offense and we will pursue your prosecution to the fullest.

We're not sure exactly how Mr/Ms. Uninformed's actions are going to affect us with our neighbors. I could care less if they shunned my husband and I, although, it would be ignorant to do so, I just don't want them to keep their kids from playing with our son. Our son always goes down to the neighbors houses, we are very careful that no kids are at our house - as it is part of hubby's probation directives.

I truly hope that our neighbors realize that with our son living with husband is NOT a threat to children. His offense happened nearly 5 years ago too....whatever happened to 2nd chances in this world. God is going to have a field day with people about this whole condemning thing. Yes, there are some truly horrible people in this world, but no registry, no gps, nothing will keep them from committing crimes.

I really encourage everyone to visit and educate themselves on the specifics of sex offenders.


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