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Thursday, October 13, 2005

Motherly Instinct?

I'm curious, once you hit a certain age in life does motherly instinct get lost on certain people?

Yesterday I witnessed something to which I was absolutely in awe of this woman's stupidity. Picture it Sicily...oh wait, too many Golden Girls reruns. Picture it, your local Kroger supermarket.....

I'm walking toward my car with my bags of groceries, when I witness a car driving a little erratically down the isle, down my isle. So the closer she gets to me, the further I step to the side, where I am practically running into the parked cars. She's finally next to me and of course I peek in crazy lady's car and my jaw practically hit the ground. She had probably a 6 month old baby in her left arm, leaning against the door, feeding the baby a bottle, meanwhile "driving" with her right arm.

Seriously, in what world is this normal?


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