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Friday, October 21, 2005

Just plain tired....

Do you ever get to that point where you are just so tired that you don't know if you're coming or going. That's where I am right now. Tired of everything.

I'm tired of people treating my husband like he's a monster because of a mistake that he made in 2001. He's not a child molester/pedophile/predator, whatever other name the media is calling sex offenders these day. He's a real human being that has feelings, has a family, shows remorse and means it, has a deep a tremendous love for Jesus Christ - he is a good man that did something stupid. Moreover, he's not a violent person - although, the great state of TN has classified him as a Violent Sex Offender, because his "victim" was only 15.

I remember being 15 and I also remember that I had the biggest crush ever on my 30 something boss - Tim - he reminded me of Jack Wagner ::::sigh:::: Anyway, I can still remember the night that I was standing at the counter writing something and he came up behind me and kissed my neck - HELLO! I know that if I were a little more brave like the rest of my friends (who were already having sex with 20 somethings) - something would've happened. But, alas, I was always the good little girl.

Anyway, all that to say, and definitely not to justify my husbands actions - but a 15 year old definitely knows right from wrong and they definitely know what is happening to them sexually and they definitely know how to provoke it. Throw in a little alcohol and you have my husband's situation. Again, not to justify it, but the whole thing was definitely NOT violent.

I'm just tired. So so so tired. Why are people so mean and hateful. What happened to people believing in second's making me lose faith in humanity.


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