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Monday, July 25, 2005

A Story....

Long ago and far away lived a sweet little girl (that would be me) who only ever wanted to grow up and have a nice career and have a nice family.

Luckily, I've been blessed with both.

However, God did decide to throw a little "something" into the mix that would keep life fresh. Although, looking at the situation, I really believe it was a plan to continue to make me lean on Him for everything - which is fine - I should do that anyway. But, couldn't he have made the "something" a little less difficult to deal with?

Now, before I divulge what this "something" is, I want to say this, "YES, I knew I had a choice and NO, I wouldn't have done it differently!"

Intrigued yet?

Ooh, me too, what could it be? Before I get to that....let me also say, that this blog is not going to be only about this "something" but I felt I should start it that way...

Ready??? You sure??

Well, here it is....I married **HOLD YOUR BREATH** a convicted sex offender.


That's right boys and girls - my husband is a convicted sex offender. And before you go off thinking that he's a huge threat to society...think again. He's NOT a child molester, nor is he a predator that will be stalking all of the neighborhood children.

In fact, he is the most wonderful, understanding, glorious and Godly man I've ever met. Although, just like any man, he has his faults (including, but not limited to: leaving dishes in the sink, towels on the floor, clothes in the get the picture), but I love everything about him.

Unfortunately though, he has been branded with this label and society will never let him forget it. Moreover, the state of Tennessee won't let him forget it. You know that whole thing about being rehabilitated and getting a second chance? Well, it's B U L L S H I T, as are the words "justice system" because frankly there is no justice about it.

The media is such a huge component with the stigma that is attached to sex offenders - they make everyone think that all sex offenders are child molesters and a huge threat to society - when actually that's not the case at all. There is a great website that can dispell many of the myths that are out there right now. In fact, read this and be enlightened...

What really baffles me is the fact that all of these precautions are being taken against the bad bad sex offenders. What about convicted murderers who have been released, or convicted drug dealers/users, multiple DUI offenders or home invaders? It seems to me that all of those people pose a threat to not only children, but to parents too. I agree that there are sex offenders who have committed the most heinous of crimes, but you can't lump them all into one group.

The fact is that no matter how much GPS gear you put on someone, or how many times they register, or how many papers or websites that post their picture - if a sex offender wants to go after someone, they will. For instance, that guy who kidnapped the brother/sister and killed the brother - he could've been monitored with all the latest gadgets and still committed the crime. He went to someones house - killed the adults and took the kids. You couldn't tell anything illegal was going on just by a GPS.

The government just wants to pacify the uninformed public and the media thrives on that. They (media) like to report exaggerated and incorrect facts. They dig up the worst of the worst facts - studies that weren't correctly done - they take those stats - not the real stuff. It's all political and it pisses me off because it continues to mess up peoples lives. Never really giving anyone the chance to get ahead in life. If you were to meet with a sex offender counselor and find out what the 'triggers' are for a sex offender - things that will make them reoffend, I can guarantee you that at least 5 of the triggers are things that directly related to not being able to reenter society.

I could go on and on about this subject and still not be finished. But, I think I've made my point and I'm happy to carry on friendly banter from anyone.

I hope that I've at least made one person reconsider how they think about sex offenders. If I've done that then I'm making progress.



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